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Order from 10oz to 5 gallons or more Raw Good Delicious!
  • We offer organic raw green juices
  • Vegan raw smoothies
  • Vegan raw ice cream
  • Vegan raw cookies
  • Gluten free vegan snacks

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3960 Northlake Blvd.
FL 33403
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Phone: (561) 572-7961
           (561) 627-9996

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  • The VeggieFruit Revolution Juice Bar in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Address: Northlake Commons
  • 3960 Northlake Blvd.
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
  • Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30am to 7:00pm
                Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm

  • The VeggieFruit Revolution Juice Bar in PSL, FL
  • Address: Coco Vista Plaza
  • 464 SW Port St. Lucie Blvd.
  • Port St Lucie, FL 34953
  • Hours: Mon - Fri 9:00am to 7:00pm
               Saturday 9:00am to 6:30pm

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Welcome to VeggieFruit REVOLUTION JuiceBar
DETOX and Clean Food Plan

VeggieFruit REVOLUTION: Our Simple Mission

Because in AMERICA we want veggies & fruits, we are moving away from artificial drinking, we are moving away from artificial food and we are teaching our kids to eat plants, veggies, and fruits to be healthy, strong, beautiful.

Living daily Healthy, Strong, Full of Energy Is Normal. This is what God intended us to be.

Being sick, tiered, ugly and fat is Not NORMAL. This is what artificial food and drinks do for a body.

We Appreciate the Opportunity TO SERVE YOU ALL, those who are healthy and those wanted to be.

  • Raw good delicious vegan organic juice!
  • Raw vegan smoothies!
  • Healthy snacks & meals!
  • Clean breakfast, lunch, dinner!
  • Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, animal free, nothing artificial.

We serve Veggie fruit live food: 90/10 and 80/20; 90% raw 10% prepared!